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I help women feel as good as their lives look.

I work with strong women all over the world who have lives that look beautiful from the outside.

They are respected members of their communities and are widely loved.

They also feel disconnected from their lives and are secretly struggling. Deeply.

They are OVER it and committed to overcoming it without sacrificing one more moment of their future happiness.

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Coached by Meagan

I work exclusively 1:1 with my clients and love the intimacy this enables for our sessions.

My approach is not another self-help quick-fix, or diving deep into your past to discover why you are struggling. I use proven cognitive behavioral coaching techniques that produce results faster than any other method available. 

Steps to Work with Me:


Book a Free Consult

On your free one hour call we’ll cover what’s not working, what you want for your future, and how I would help given my tools and expertise.


Come Expecting Good Things

This really can be the call that changes everything. Come ready to explore what is possible for you.


Leave With Actionable Tools

I’ll share exactly how I would help you if we decided to work together. You will feel encouraged with a vision of your future, regardless if you hire me.

What my clients have to say...

Before coaching with Meagan I struggled with fear, depression and anxiety. My chest was often tight and I had trouble sleeping at night. I was so emotionally drained that I had nothing left to give. In addition to poor mental health, my physical health suffered as I coped by binge eating, followed by bare minimum physical activity, shame, feelings of disgust, and then repeat. 

I would watch my husband play with our children and cry because I wanted to have the bandwidth to do the same but I couldn’t find it. More shame. I felt trapped. I believed I was stuck and couldn’t change. I was so stuck in a negative mindset and thought pattern.

Now after coaching and realizing the power of my thoughts, I have tools that have enabled me to wake up early, do a morning routine that involves working out for an hour, four or more days a week. I no longer am exhausted and I have the energy to get through an entire day and then some. I’m sleeping better, I have less anxiety, and I have self confidence like I haven’t had in years. I am able to connect with and enjoy my children. I am healthier physically and mentally. I am taking care of myself more than I ever have. This has helped me spiritually, physically, mentally, at work and in my relationships. Coaching is an investment in your mental, physical and spiritual health. The reward on your investment is huge.

– Jenna

Meagan is like a calm breeze flowing through a tree on a warm sunny day.
She is so caring and thoughtful and made me feel taken care of even as she challenged my beliefs that just weren’t serving me and my life.
She was tuned into what was going on for me and asked just the right questions that had me rethinking things, becoming present, and shifting my perspective in every single session.
You definitely need to work with her if you want to make changes in your life and know that you’ll be cared for throughout your entire journey.
– Paige

Questions? I’m happy to help. I’m available at or through the form below. 

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