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I was supposed to be happy, but I wasn't.


I had a nice husband, a healthy daughter, a good job and we lived in a nice neighborhood, but I was neck-deep in despair and didn’t know why.

Although I was cheerful and encouraging to most everyone outside my home, inside my home was much different. There, I was quiet and tense. Defensive. Passive aggressive. I felt misunderstood and disconnected from my husband, and frequently lost my patience with my daughter too.

I felt trapped and hopeless in a life that looked great on paper, but I wasn’t emotionally connected to.

I felt enormous guilt for not being appreciative of my life. After all, it’s not like I lived in a concentration camp. I told myself, “Those people had a right to feel awful, I don’t.”

I tried so many things to feel better: spirituality, personal development, antidepressants, books, podcasts…but nothing worked permanently.

I begged my husband to move us out of state. Maybe a change of scenery would help? When I asked he replied, “What if we move and you’re still unhappy? What if you’re just an unhappy person?” This was something I deeply feared as well.  

I attended therapy for over a year and gained significant breakthroughs in awareness, but still carried that deep heaviness with me constantly.

Then one day I discovered a coach who changed my life.
She shared with me that my emotions were no mystery – they are directly caused by the thoughts I’m thinking, and all my thoughts are optional. 
This mind-blowing revelation drove me to practicing every tool she shared, and within one month my 4 year depression was gone and I ended my work with my therapist. 
I finally felt true relief and peace. I continued coaching and I fell back in love with my husband. My triggers softened. I learned how to say “no” to people. I got my time back. Constant stress and overwhelm were replaced with delight and gratitude. My worst days now don’t even compare to my worst days back then.

The beauty of what I experienced lit a fire within me and drove me to become a certified life coach.  I believe every woman deserves to live a life she’s in love with. 

Investing in coaching and my own mind has been the single most valuable gift I have ever given myself.
Emotional and mental health is a skill, one that I can teach you. 
It’s easier than you may think, and it’s essential to creating a beautiful life that you love. 
I use proven cognitive behavioral coaching concepts that produce results faster than any other method out there. This isn’t another quick-fix self-help approach; instead, you’re rewiring your brain to create change from the inside out.
If you’ve sought every alternative and haven’t made true progress, you’re in the right place. Your healing is possible.
I’ll see you on the consult.