Band Aid vs. the Cure

So my daughter does this thing…it’s kid thing…I’m sure all moms know what I’m talking about.
She’ll bump something and get hurt, and immediately request a band aid.
And there’s no blood…but she still wants it.
I know the band aid won’t help heal her, but she associates it with “feeling better.”
And since I’m all about a good placebo effect, I indulge her, provide a band aid, then smother her with kisses.
And once she’s calm and open to other options, I’ll then get her a bag of ice or massage the bump if I can.
And as adults, we reach for emotional band aids all the time.
When you distract yourself with Netflix to avoid feeling bad, you’re applying a bandaid to a deeper wound.
When you reach for the pint of ice cream just to escape for a moment…band aid.
When you scroll endlessly because can’t pull yourself out of your funk…yup, that’s a band aid too.
And sure there’s immediate relief, but it’s temporary.
But what about lasting solutions?
If you’re tired of struggling through each and every day, and reaching for your variety of emotional band aids, then let’s talk.
I teach my clients HOW to end cycles of misery, pain and hopelessness.
They are equipped with tools to use every day which heal them from the inside out.
No need for band aids when you’ve found the cure.
If you’re ready to stop relying on temporary relief and solve for your own happiness, CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE consult.
On your free consult we will walk through the ins and outs of your life.
We’ll explore the solutions you’ve tried and I’ll be able to show you why nothing has permanently worked.
You will gain an awareness of your current life and what you need to do to make permanent changes.
You will find so much value in finally understanding your struggle with clarity, and it’s an honor for me to offer this to you.

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