Cleaning While Blindfolded

“If we just pretend it isn’t there, maybe it’ll go away.” –> This doesn’t work with our homes OR our emotions.

When we ignore what we are feeling…
Or we repress our emotions…
And when we avoid what is true for us in that moment – we dishonor ourselves and create so much more emotional suffering.

This is just another version of not accepting yourself for who you are.

Accepting your mess gives you power over it. It’s your mess, and you get to do something about it.
Judgment, however, keeps you from being able to change anything.
Your mind is like your kitchen sink.
All day long dirty things are placed into it, you have the opportunity to clean them, or let them sit there.
The longer they sit, the more the kitchen starts to stink.
If you don’t clean the mess, the mess stays – and the stench.
Febreze doesn’t fix the root of the problem. Or candles, or your oil diffuser.
Clean the dishes, the clutter and stench goes away.

This is the same with your mind – but you have to be brave enough to face what you’re experiencing.

It might not be pretty, and that’s ok.
But having the relief of the mess being gone, and the clarity for the rest of your life that comes is well-worth the elbow grease and the time you’ll put into cleaning things up.
Helping you overcome your own self-judgment about your life is my specialty. Once we do that work, we move on to the beautiful things in life that you want to create: healthy relationships with friends, family – and most importantly, yourself.
It all starts with one conversation where you get to dump all you’ve been holding onto, and we have an honest discussion about everything. You’ll tell me what you’ve tried to fix the problem, and I’ll show you why it hasn’t worked yet. We’ll discuss your next step: perhaps it’s working together, and perhaps it’s another resource I think would benefit you. Either way this conversation is the beginning of the healing you need. 
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