Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

And Mental Health

I used to think I was two people. 

In public I was bubbly, kind and engaging. I tried to connect with as many people as I could.
And when it was just my husband and me, I was a completely different person. I was quiet. Snippy. Argumentative. Petty.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so different when in different places.

After lots of work, I realized both behaviors were my way of protecting myself.

In public, I wanted everyone to like me and be happy with me: if they were, then I felt good about myself.
And in private, I was exhausted from all my previous mental aerobics, and I had to recuperate by shutting down.
Both facets of my personality were for my survival, and at the time, they were who I was.

One of my favorite things about getting mentally and emotionally healthy is that I no longer have that yo-yo emotional roller coaster.

I’m no longer desperately seeking after people’s approval through my actions toward them, and then having to shut myself in a cave to recover.
Instead, I’m so much more even-keeled. I discovered how to encourage myself and validate myself. And as a result, I don’t have the monster highs and lows.
And bonus, when I’m with other people, I get to enjoy them so much more because I’m not trying to manipulate them into liking me! What a relief.

If you’re ready to end your own yo-yo emotional roller coaster and cultivate true mental health, we absolutely need to talk.

I have exactly what you need, and can help you. It all starts with one conversation.
When you schedule a free consult, we will discuss your life and exactly where you are. I’ll give you insight into things you’ve not yet seen, because you’re too close to everything. We’ll discuss what hasn’t worked for you and where you want to go from here. One path could be coaching together, but if not, I’ll point you to other resources I definitely think can help you. Regardless, this call will be so valuable since you’ll get answers to what has actually been tormenting you, and it’s my honor to offer it to you.
To schedule CLICK HERE. 

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