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What Clients are Saying…

“A Judge-Free Zone”

“Coaching with Meagan is a judge-free zone and it is comfortable. She’s so encouraging and it’s a wonderful experience. I’m so thankful for her and all her help, guidance and teachings.”

– Daniella

“You’ll Be Cared For”

“Meagan is so caring and thoughtful and made me feel taken care of even as she challenged my beliefs that just weren’t serving me. She was tuned into what was going on for me and asked just the right questions that had me rethinking things, becoming present, and shifting my perspective in every single session. You definitely need to work with her if you want to make changes in your life and know that you’ll be cared for throughout your entire journey.”

– Paige

“You’ll Get Your Life Back”

“Meagan is so patient, and taught me how to feel my feelings instead of escape them through eating ice cream or shopping. I feel better, get more work done, and have better relationships with everyone in my life – because I learned to take care of me first. Work with Meagan. You’ll get your life back.”

– Emily 

Who Am I?

To everyone else, I acted like my life was perfect; but I was drowning in despair. At home, I felt like a hair-trigger. I was doing all the things I should be doing to take care of my family, but I wasn’t present with them; instead, I was stuck in the pain in my own head. 

Finally, pretending to be happy wasn’t working anymore. I begged my husband to make big changes in our life, but he didn’t want to. “What if we do what you want, and you’re still not happy?” He spoke my biggest fear. What if I’m not supposed to be happy? What if that’s for other people? 

Now, as a certified life coach, my mission is to teach others what I’ve learned about emotional and mental health so they can truly feel as great as their lives look. 

My approach is not another self-help quick-fix, or diving deep into your past to discover why you are struggling. I use proven cognitive behavioral coaching techniques that produce results faster than any other method available.