How to Celebrate the Ordinary

When is the last time you celebrated yourself for washing the dishes?
Or washing up your child after they pooped in their underwear?
Or holding your tongue when you could have snapped back?
If you’re not celebrating yourself on the reg, you’re totally missing out on the awesome things around you.
Our life is lived in the everyday moments; not the big dramatic highs and lows.
If we’re not celebrating everyday events, we’ll constantly be searching for the next big thing to look forward to.
And our lives will literally pass us by.
When did we stop celebrating our everyday lives?
Like a child who celebrates putting on pants, or “washing” the cabinets with a wet wipe…they shout ”I did it!!” You can feel their pride. And it brings them back for more.
When did adulting mean our work accomplished is its own reward? Not so my friend.
True, the house won’t clean itself. You can clean it and be miserable, or you can clean it and remember how amazing you are.
Celebrating the everyday can only happen once you’ve removed judgment.
Stop judging your actions as undeserving, and celebrate the heck out of your life.
You’re amazing. And worthy of good things. And able to love the messy, mundane tasks your life is made up of.
If you are constantly feeling heavy and your days are filled with dread, I understand. I’ve been there.
And I also know it’s possible to fall in love with your life and celebrate the magic in your ordinary days.
If you’re ready to release the heaviness that is weighing you down, then let’s talk. I can help you shed that emotional baggage and fall in love with your life.
Yes, it is possible. I know you’ve tried everything, but you actually haven’t – you’ve never worked with me.
Schedule your free consult here and find out exactly what to do to end the emotional heaviness.
Your happiness begins here, and with celebrating you for who you currently are.

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