A Practice for Instant Stress Relief

Here, I’m sharing a simple practice I use for instant stress relief.

With a hand on my chest, I slow my breaths.
If I let my mind run wild, my day seems to get out of hand – rushing, doing this, doing that.
It’s not very nice to treat myself like a machine.
I ache for love and connection, just like the rest of humanity.
I take this time to remember: I am not the sum of my accomplishments;
I am the fire behind them – the love that is felt through them.
So I place my hand upon my chest to slow down and speak kind things to myself.
“It’s ok, Love. You’ve got this. You’re more capable than you know.”
And my stress levels lower, my heart rate slows, and I can see beauty all around me.
This is my new addition to my self-care routine.
I share it in hopes you adopt it too, and feel the release that being kind to yourself brings. ❤️

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