Judgment & Love Cannot Occupy The Same Space

Judgment and Love cannot occupy the same space.
“They’re always doing it wrong. If they did it my way, it would be so much faster.”
…Thinking this might feel right, even justified, but for me it feels awful.
And it makes it impossible for me to truly appreciate the person in front of me.
Instead of thinking:
* “I’m right and they’re wrong,”
* “I know better than them,”
…or some know-it-all version of those, I’m learning to say:
* “They’ll figure it out,”
* “They’re entirely capable,”
* “They know what is best for them.”
And stepping back and truly believing this takes humility, courage, trust – and it’s not easy. But it DOES improve life by 1000%.
This also applies to our judgments of ourselves…
* “I’ll always struggle with wanting their approval.”
* “I hate that I need them to like me.”
* “I’m broken.”
These might feel right, and you may feel justified in thinking them, but how do they make you feel?
Helpless? Angry? Frustrated?
And when you’re feeling like that about yourself, what do you do?
Personally, I used to spend $1,000’s on retail therapy. And binge watch tv episodes. And eat buckets of rocky road ice cream. And cookie butter.
But that wasn’t my end-all. As it turns out…
Curiosity and Love –
Fascination and Love –
Compassion and Love … CAN occupy the same space.
So I started getting curious about myself, much like I was curious about other people.
Taking the judgment out, and choosing fascination and curiosity have dramatically shifted the way I treat myself, and therefore treat others.
And by choosing to believe, “I’m capable, I’ll figure it out, I’m competent,” I find myself looking for solutions and problem solving from a place of trust and love – instead of fear and judgment.
And let me tell ya – it feels way better.
If you’re ready to let go of needing other people’s approval, I’ve got you.
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