09. Other People’s Opinions

It’s time to put other people’s opinions in their rightful place…and leave them with the other person. They aren’t our business. Period.

If you’re ready to understand the truth about other people’s opinions, this episode is for you.

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08. Forgiveness

If you are interested in the emotional and physical benefits that forgiveness can bring you, then this episode is for you. I’m breaking down the 6 big myths about forgiveness, and helping you get closer to peace and rest.

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07. Can Our Actions Make Us More Or Less Lovable?

So often we think we’re broken because we did/experienced something. Or we think we’re not as good as someone else who has done beautiful things. Both of these are incorrect. You are already 100% worthy and lovely because you’re here on this earth, and nothing you can say or do will ever diminish that.

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05. Why Your Feelings Are Always Driving Your Life (Part 2)

Everything you want in life is because of how you think you’ll feel once you get it. That promotion, that house, that vacation, that relationship, that business; all of it.

We are so busy pursuing things outside of us to create our feelings, when we don’t realize that’s our job – not the world around us.

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02. How To Get Unstuck

We chase happiness and yet it seems out of reach. Perhaps we’re just not supposed to be happy? Maybe this is all our lives are supposed to be?

Not. True. Not even close.

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01. You Are Not Your Thoughts

If you’ve ever been hard on yourself or you’ve ever felt awful for thinking a thought, it’s because you didn’t realize that who you are is separate from the thoughts in your head. Separating these is essential if you’re going to clear the clutter in your head, and reduce your emotional pressures.

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