We Are Not Our Heavy Emotions

We wouldn’t define ourselves by our happiest of emotions, so why do we do that with our heavy emotions?

My clients come to me feeling so emotionally heavy, and I get it because I’ve lived that darkness too.

I love reminding them they are lovely just the way they are.
They aren’t broken.
They are 100% lovable.
They are treasured.
They are fascinating.
It’s when we get lost in our own heads that we forget this, or disbelieve it entirely.
But it’s always true.
No matter what you’ve done.
No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed.
No matter what you’ve been told.
You are remarkable.
And it’s an honor to hear your story.
It’s an even bigger honor to help you achieve your dreams.
And as your coach I will stand firmly as your ally, reminding you of who you actually are.
It would be an honor to stand for you.
To watch as you grow stronger, more confident, happier, more secure, less triggered, and more excited about life than you have in a long time.
Let’s get to work, together, on helping you end the heaviness that has become your new normal.
Your happiness is truly at stake here.
Waiting is optional.
Your healing is closer than you might think.

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