What We Think Is The Problem...Isn't

“My biggest problem is…[I want it to look perfect,] [My husband expects too much from me,”] [When my kids are mad at me, I shut down.]
In my experience as a coach and as a client, we don’t generally know our real problem; we just think we do.
And we hustle to solve what we “think” is the problem:
We try to stop being the perfectionist, but it doesn’t feel right.
We tell our husband to stop expecting so much, but he doesn’t.
We try to keep our kids from being mad at us, but that’s definitely not possible.
Meanwhile, the problem doesn’t get solved.

Then we feel defeated, and quit.
We say things like, “I guess this is just who I am.”
“I’m a perfectionist.”
“I’m a people-pleaser.”

And really, you could have been working on a successful solution the whole time, if only you’d known what to focus on – the “real” issue.

As simple as it may seem, the solution is finding the thoughts that are creating your unwanted behaviors.

That’s where I come in and show you the thoughts you were believing that aren’t true.

And then we get to the deep work of creating your “new normal.”

Where you aren’t gripped by perfectionism, other people’s expectations or opinions of you;

And instead you’re confident, assertive and gracefully stand up for yourself.

This isn’t just a pipe-dream; it can be your reality like it is for so many of my clients.

And it all starts with one conversation where I tell you exactly what the real problem is, why your solutions haven’t been working for you and we’ll discuss your next step. Of course your next step might be to work with me, and if it’s not I’ll direct you to other resources I think will get you closer to your dream of being confident in yourself.

Regardless, this one conversation will be the turning point for your life. Are you ready? CLICK HERE to schedule.

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